The dangerous effects of animal urine, dander and other particulates at kennels and high-density shelters on animals and their caregivers

We often overlook the harmful effects of poor indoor air quality on animal health, and particularly so in kennel and shelter environments where the high densities of animals and their biological waste, along with chemical agents used for cleaning, creates unhealthy levels of particulates and odors that result in poor indoor air quality harmful to … Read more

Maintaining Air Quality in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), from Indoor Farming to Greenhouses

The environment that helps indoor plants and crops thrive also creates an environment ripe for the propagation of undesirable biological species in the form of fungi, molds and insects, rendering the struggle to control outbreaks in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) a constant one, no matter the crop or the growing environment. CleanAirZone’s (CAZ) revolutionary filterless … Read more

CleanAirZone 100% Green Biology-Based Air Purification System Ideally Suited for a Multitude of Interior Settings

Well before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, air quality in both residential and public arenas has long been a source of health concerns for young and old, generated by pollutants ranging from chemicals and gases to such living organisms as mold, bacteria, cysts and viruses.  While poor air quality can result in common and … Read more