Maintaining Air Quality in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), from Indoor Farming to Greenhouses

The environment that helps indoor plants and crops thrive also creates an environment ripe for the propagation of undesirable biological species in the form of fungi, molds and insects, rendering the struggle to control outbreaks in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) a constant one, no matter the crop or the growing environment.

CleanAirZone’s (CAZ) revolutionary filterless air purification system technology that replicates nature’s three-billion-year-old process of cleansing the atmosphere by combining water and natural micro-biotics in a proprietary natural enzyme formula, ideally suited for CEA, from indoor farming to greenhouses. 

Honored in May as a Top Cleantech Company for 2021 by Startup City Magazine, CleanAirZone technology can be deployed as an important addition to any comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Systems (IPMS) in the world of indoor growing as it can help to control the spread and transmission of biologics, particulates and gases by capturing them directly from the air and digesting these undesirables at the source. The CleanAirZone system is modular, mobile, and scalable to the space and sources of the transmission.

Unfortunately, traditional HVAC systems can become part of the problem as they disperse air – one of the primary ways these biologicals spread – throughout a facility. Spores, eggs, and viruses rapidly transmit via airborne convection and airflow. Pollution in the form of gases can also build up creating a harmful environment for plant growth. It doesn’t take long for an isolated outbreak to infest and devastate a crop, leading to huge financial loses and a problematic remediation before growing can resume. 

Deploying a bio-air scrubbing solution that uses natural biotics and enzymes derived from nature to create a clean, safe environment for every indoor space, CAZ is the only green technology that, when combined with its proprietary BioCAZ Solution®, both captures and destroys all types of pollutants without filters or harmful byproducts.

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