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CleanAirZone is a Unique Solution

We have Succeeded to Solve the Issue of Air Pollution in Spaces like MoMA Museum of New York

We understand your problem​

On average, indoor spaces have five times more contaminates than outdoor spaces and we spend 80% of our time indoors.


For businesses, contaminated air reduces productivity, contributes to higher rates of employee absences, and can negatively affect employee health. ​​


Traditional air purification systems fail to remove the ultrafine particles that are the most harmful to employees and clients.​​


Upgrades to existing ventilation systems would require significant remodeling of building infrastructure and could be costly to implement.


Nursing Homes

One serious issue in nursing homes is the high risk of airborne infection involved with patient cross-contamination. Gail Vittori, coordinator for the Green Guide for Health Care explains that “elderly people often suffer from weakened immune systems and age related health problems that make them more susceptible to the harmful effects of indoor air pollution.”

At CleanAirZone we know how important our technology is in nursing homes because of its effectiveness in reducing airborne infection and unpleasant odors, and maintaining a healthy breathing environment for patients, residents, and employees.

Case Study​

“The implementation of CleanAirZone devices in the common area of our nursing home reduced dramatically the odors, improving the quality of life of our employees and patients.”
Edward Roy, nursing home owner in New Jersey


“The graphic shows the dramatic reduction of contamination peaks during the busiest hours in the dining area of the nursing home.”

Country Nursing Home – Parsippany, NJ
VOC’s (Odorous gases)
Percentage of days (average) above 300pp Threshold



Volatile Organic Compounds
VOCs are chemicals emitted as gases into the air from certain solids or liquids and are often dangerous to human health. For example, acetone (CH3)2CO is an active ingredient often found in paint thinner and nail polish remover. It is known to cause headaches, dizziness, and irritation to the eyes, skin, and throat.

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