The system consists of a cylindrical bioreactor containing water that recirculates on a BioCAZ SolutionTM and a fan that oxygenates the inside of the machine, creating a pure air zone with a given radius of action.

It depends on how many contaminants are in the surrounding area. A factory with ten people is different from a class of the same size with 30 children.

The CLEANAIRZONE AIR QUALITY SPECIALISTS will calculate it according to your environment’s characteristics.

You just need an electricity socket. If you also want automatic water filling (optional), you need a connection to the water supply with a very small tube.

It attracts them through a natural electrostatic phenomenon, stronger than ventilation and gravity for particles of ultrafine mass. The effect is like that of the television screen which attracts dust although the principle is different.  

Absolutely not, the system needs oxygen to digest contaminants and a bit of air from outside never hurts.

Our technicians will identify the most suitable place to locate the system, but it is generally advisable to put it in the busiest or most problematic area. 

A standard electrical socket. It uses an AC plug like that of most electrical appliances. 

Twice per week, if you remember. Otherwise, just before the minimum level is reached. 

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