The dangerous effects of animal urine, dander and other particulates at kennels and high-density shelters on animals and their caregivers

We often overlook the harmful effects of poor indoor air quality on animal health, and particularly so in kennel and shelter environments where the high densities of animals and their biological waste, along with chemical agents used for cleaning, creates unhealthy levels of particulates and odors that result in poor indoor air quality harmful to both animals and humans. It is vital that these animals have immediate access to a healthy environment. 

The negative effect of the buildup of these particles and gases as they decay is well documented and it can contribute to making animals and humans feeling sick. Allergies manifest themselves due to sensitivity to these airborne compounds like Urea often in the form of (NH2)CO nitrogen containing ammonia derived molecules. Decaying cleaning solutions in addition to decomposition of urine lead to the emission of harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds), these compounds leave foul odors and emissions that can make us acutely sick especially with long term exposure.

Clean Air Zone, an award-winning US R&D Company has developed the only green air purification technology that sustainably captures and destroys 99.99% of air contaminants (including Covid-19) as ultrafine as 0.0001 microns in indoor environments. Clean Air Zone has developed a proprietary natural enzyme formula as part of an air purification process that eliminates the need for filters and creates no harmful wastes or by-products.

Green technology in one of the hottest commodities today and can be especially beneficial to organizations such as the ASPCA, Humane Society and animal welfare leagues as it protects animals and their caregivers from toxic compounds and other hazards.The CleanAirZone system has been deployed in a variety of locations as part of ongoing testing, including luxury hotels in NYC and Miami Beach, the Cleveland University Hospital, the New York City Housing Authority, Morrisview Healthcare Nursing Home, MoMA and select restaurant locations, among others.