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CleanAirZone is in the air

A customized solution

The only air purifier which captures and digests pollution the same way the Earth does, but faster.

We provide personable tailored solutions

Depending on the pollution levels and the size of the space, CleanAirZone provides the optimal number of devices.

Easy installation​

The CleanAirZone system only needs a single source of water and a single power outlet. This makes installation easy and avoids the need for modifications to building infrastructure.

Reducing cost​

The CleanAirZone system helps companies save over 40% of electrical expenses on ventilation.

4 steps solution

1. Diagnostic
The CleanAirZone team will inspect the space to assess the characteristics of the situation. They will collect data on contamination levels and air volume before devising the best approach. A baseline pollution reading will be taken for the benefit of comparison to pollution levels after the CleanAirZone system is installed.
2. Proposal
Once the data has been analyzed by an CleanAirZone scientist, a proposal will be delivered containing a customized plan of action.
3. Installation
Once the proposal has been approved by both the client and the AWE team, CleanAirZone devices will be installed in place. CleanAirZone will follow up closely to measure and monitor the results and share them with the client.
4. Maintenance
The CleanAirZone team will monitor the performance of the devices and visit the space periodically to perform any necessary maintenance.
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Case Study​

“The CleanAirZone solution inside the devices eliminates all kinds of harmful pollution found in the air.”


“The graph shows the reduction in ventilation needed by the printing company, EarthColor, reducing the cost of energy.”

Energy consumtion by Ventilation System in Earthcolor Printing Company

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