Cannabis: A Smoking Hot Concern

A thriving industry as Cannabis, is making its way through several states. California, Colorado, New York, Virginia, and Washington are a few states that have legalize the medicinal and recreational uses of Cannabis. This is an amazing progress for patients or users across nationwide looking towards this opportunity. Nevertheless, cannabis has its flaws.   To cultivate … Read more

The Importance of Controlling VOC Emissions During Cannabis Production

As of July 2021, 18 states have legalized marijuana, while 37 states have legalized it for medical use. In recent years, the support for the legalization of this formerly stigmatized drug has soared, with more individuals using it for recreational and medical reasons such as relief from ongoing pain and anxiety. As a result, the … Read more

Modern Innovation and the Agricultural Industry

Modern innovation has made its way into the agricultural industry, specifically in urban communities more than ever before. The introduction of modern farming, also known as ‘vertical farming, has increased in popularity as new generations appeal to more sustainable lifestyles. In comparison, traditional open field farming is known to cause about 24% of gas emission, … Read more