Cannabis: A Smoking Hot Concern

A thriving industry as Cannabis, is making its way through several states. California, Colorado, New York, Virginia, and Washington are a few states that have legalize the medicinal and recreational uses of Cannabis. This is an amazing progress for patients or users across nationwide looking towards this opportunity. Nevertheless, cannabis has its flaws.  

To cultivate the highest quality of cannabis, they are mainly grown under a controlled environment indoors. 

Often cannabis is praised for its medicinal purposes to heal or calm nerves. It can also bring enjoyment to individuals who choose to indulge in the recreational activities. Even so, no matter how beneficial cannabis may pose to be, it has a part in environmental destruction. 

Climate change and rising global temperatures can be traced back to man-made creation. Like agriculture, cultivating cannabis has been linked to an increase of gas emission to the Earth’s atmosphere. This emission can equate to that of a massive wildfire or even worse. 

Greenhouses are a popular method used to grow cannabis; however, presence of biogenic volatile organic compounds (BVOC) and butane began appearing in these houses. Studies have shown in facilities growing cannabis plants, higher concentrations of these air borne chemicals can form ground-level ozone. Atmospheric level ozone is safe for protection against UV rays, although ground level can be toxic and pose as a threat for respiratory complications in humans. 

Cannabis toxins and gas emissions are linked to an increase indoor air pollution. Workers are upfront and exposed to these gases daily. Therefore, poor air quality can lead to life long respiratory or heart conditions. 

Another study has also shown vaping, or dabbing are the main contributors to indoor air pollution. Particle matters ranged from 250 to 600 ug/m3. These concentrations can create levels of indoor pollution like that of extreme air pollution disasters. In many cases an installment of an efficient HVAC solution or air filter can reduce the amount of pollution circulating in the greenhouses, stores or businesses allowing public smoking. A frequent air circulation or air quality check can also prevent further emissions of gases. By protecting workers and people alike, everyone can enjoy the uses of cannabis without the detrimental costs of someone’s health.