Particle Pollution, What You Can’t See With the Naked Eye

Particle pollution, also known as particulate matter, is a general term for a mixture of solid and liquid droplets suspended in the air. Particle pollution can be made up of several different components, including acids, inorganic compounds, organic chemicals, soot, metals, soil or dust particles, and biological materials (such as pollen and mold spores) – all … Read more

Air Quality and Pervading Environmental Issues

As a follow-up to our recent blog about The Clean Air Act (CAA) of 1970 and its ongoing impact on air quality, we wanted to shed some light on why ongoing pollution is still a very real risk both in the United States but also, worldwide.  While the act and continued regulations following its inception, emissions … Read more

Clean Air, A Human Right

Safe, clean air has never been more critical. Clean air is a necessity, a human right, as it should be.  According to the United Nations Environment Programme, Climate and Clean Air Coalition, indoor and outdoor air pollution results in over 7 million deaths worldwide each year.  Progress has been made in progressive countries such as the United States, however the … Read more