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Health is in the air

We bring Clean Healthy Air to any Workspace using a Technology that replicates Nature

A revolution in clean healthy air
using a technology as old as the earth

Our goal is create a safe clean environment for every indoor workspace

We understand your problem​

Each industry and space is different, so every case is unique.​

We have a unique technology​

A biological solution that leaves nothing harmful behind.​

We provide a customized solution​

The CAZ device uses natural enzymes which create harmless waste while doing zero harm to the environment.

At CleanAirZone we know that every situation is different and that every industry has its own issues when it comes to air contamination. For example, the contents in the air of a nail salon would be thoroughly different from the contents found in the air of a hospital. That’s why CleanAirZone treats every individual situation with a personal approach, to provide the right solution for each distinct industry or business.

Utilizing the same type of bacteria that cleansed the atmosphere of the planet three billion years ago, the CleanAirZone system is the only 100% green technology capable of capturing and eliminating all types of VOCs, mold, bacteria, and viruses. CleanAirZone is also the only biotechnology capable of capturing and digesting 99.99% of contamination in the air. With such efficiency the CleanAirZone system leaves nothing harmful in the air behind, allowing people to enjoy clean, healthy air.

With our team of expert scientists in the study of air contamination, we are able to analyze every individual case and provide the most effective solution. We consider every detail of a client’s indoor space such as volume of air, level of contamination, and type of pollutants before we devise a specific plan of action.

Case Study​

“The AWE system was the only technology able to eliminate mold during the Tania Bruguera exhibition
and the only solution MoMA found in order to guarantee the safety of MoMA workers and visitors.”
MoMA, New York

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The AWE technology was able to reduce the contamination inside Bruguera’s exhibition from 200,000 mold spores per cubic meter to less than 2,000 in only fourteen hours. Without the use of AWE technology the exhibition would have been canceled.

Spores per cubic meter of air

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