CAZ Mini

CAZ mini is a miniature version of our water wash based air purification technology. After proving its effectiveness in medical and commercial environments, we bring CAZ’s technology to compact residential spaces with the CAZ mini desktop air purifier

CAZ mini uses a unique patented biological formulation – BioCAZ Solution® comprising of naturally occurring Microorganisms and Enzymes, removing the need for filters. It digests pollution while leaving no harmful residue behind. CAZ mini cleans spaces up to 200 square feet effortlessly.

2 Step Technology

BioCAZ Solution ®

A biological air cleaning system

BioCAZ Solution® is a complex body of naturally occurring microorganisms and enzymes, perfected by nature for millions of years.

We harness that natural process in our water (H20) based solution to not only neutralize contaminants from your air, but to eliminate them by means of biological digestion. Pollutants become food for BioCAZ Solution®, fresh air and peace of mind for you.

No filters required! No GMOs! No Waste! Healthy fresh air, indoors!

How to use CAZ Mini

Case Study​

“The AWE system was the only technology able to eliminate mold during the Tania Bruguera exhibition
and the only solution MoMA found in order to guarantee the safety of MoMA workers and visitors.”
MoMA, New York

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The AWE technology was able to reduce the contamination inside Bruguera’s exhibition from 200,000 mold spores per cubic meter to less than 2,000 in only fourteen hours. Without the use of AWE technology the exhibition would have been canceled.

Spores per cubic meter of air

Breathe Clean, Think Green.

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