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CleanAirZone High Standards of Air Quality

We are proud to announce that the technology used by “Clean AirZone” has proven its effectiveness in eradicating the presence of the Covid-19 virus in the air. The prestigious “Assured Bio Labs” located in Knoxville has demonstrated the efficiency of “CleanAirZone” using a type of test based on DNA. The most accurate known system for identifying micro pathogens in the air. Assured Bio Labs carried out a test of the “ClearAirZone” technology. The results were unbeatable, in less than 10 minutes the biological solution found inside the machine dissolved and made the Covid-19 completely disappear. According to the test carried out by “Assured Bio Labs”, “Clean AirZone” technology has the ability to clean the air and eradicate Covid-19 in indoor spaces. Providing safe indoor spaces where humans can carry out their professional and domestic activities safely.