Covid-19, Air Filtration Importance

With the recent rising airborne disease, COVID-19, the stress to remain indoors was higher during April 2020, compared to summer 2021. Social distancing and masks mandates are lifting in various states. However, COVID-19 may never go away, the lingering particles of the disease may continue to reside in the air. In addition, new variants of the disease may make their debut in times come. 

So, how are building/facility managers preventing further pollutants from entering buildings? A recent survey conducted by Facility Executive for ABM, 77% of respondents were reported to plan or continue to utilize HVAC solutions to combat COVID-19 and other air related pollutants. HVAC solutions can provide fresh air circulation and improve air quality indoors. While in addition, improving people’s health, productivity, satisfaction. Frequent air quality checks should be instilled, so that experts can identify dangerous or health concerning pollutants before it is too late.

Not only should facility managers maintain the quality of air, but also the public as well. By avoiding aerosols, pesticides or even products with fumes can further prevent occupants’ irritations or sickness when remaining indoors. “Green” or sustainable products are great alternatives and environmentally friendly whilst works to prevent releasing additional pollutants in buildings. 

Poor air quality management can not only create a risk for contraction, but also stagnant air quality perpetuates an unhealthy environment in general. To combat such health threats, following CDC guidance is encouraged, along with air filtration systems such as Clean Air Zone (CAZ).