Assisted Care Facilities, Air Quality Importance

The population of elderly people will expect to rise from 137 million to 425 million by 2050. Of that population, 15-27 million people will either live in nursing homes or living assisted facilities. 

            With age, comes with a few complications. Elderly often have compromised immune systems, thus leaving them vulnerable to contracting life-threatening illnesses. Because they are more susceptible, this demographic often remains indoors – narrowing them to more of a sedentary lifestyle, that they assume is safe. 

            Air quality indoors in nursing homes are not regulated compared to air quality outside. Elders are prone to respiratory and allergy type health conditions. It is crucial for nursing homes to implement a well ventilated and adequate air flow, as airborne allergens such as cleaning products, mold, pet hair and more can cause irritations to their lungs. Allowing clean air circulation can prevent further health adversities and create a safe/healthy living environment. 

            Since the pandemic, about 40% of COVID-19 related deaths occurred in nursing homes. Due to the “congregated” facility style, many elders cannot leave, therefore making it more difficult to decontaminate the living quarters. Likewise, people coming in and out to visit these facilities may have brought these viruses in and when lockdown occurred, the elders are trapped in with it. 

            Furthermore, frequent regulations and infection controls are only implemented after the pandemic. Better ventilation might be a great solution to some extent; however, it cannot fully protect these elders from pollutants in the air. In some facilities, HVAC systems lacked the quality and efficiency needed to improve the air quality – forcing all onsite to breathe in contaminated air. 

            Air purifiers, like Clean Air Zone (CAZ), are great solutions to combat these problems going on in nursing homes. On average, the air quality is typically not measured as ‘overall healthy’ in long-term care facilities – leaving residents and patients, as well as staff and family members subject to health issues directly related to breathing unhealthy air. CleanAirZone’s (CAZ) revolutionary green technology has been tested extensively and proven in both lab and field settings, including nursing homes and hospitals, for drastically reducing the traces of viruses such as MRSA, Legionella, H1N1 Flu Virus Degradation, and even including Covid-19. 

Elderly need adequate quality of air that will directly affect their quality of life. They deserve to live comfortably in these living assisted homes; and their families can have peace of mind that they have selected a facility that has their loved one’s best interests as their top priority.